Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who's Your Sugar Daddy?

Christmas is in two weeks, and you probably haven't picked up anything for the most important person on your list: Your BFF (best fashion friend). After all, she's not the easiest person to shop for, right? And, if she's anything like mine, she owns everything known to (wo)man. Until now, that is.

SugarDaddyShop.ca, the brainchild of ex-Exec Karen McNaughton, has items that will make your BFF look hip and stylish, while expressing her originality through creative, inspired jewelry and accessories. Want to let her know how much you appreciate her fashion advice (even when you don't ask for it)? Then get her theHonesty reversible charm necklace ($49) from Pick Up Sticks. Or, maybe you just want her to know how much you appreciate her unique sense of style. Then, check out the Pink Vintage Circlenecklace ($39) by Wine on Sunday.
Or, if she's a total bitch, just get her her the Queen of Everythingreversible pendant necklace ($49). And don't worry, she'll take it as a compliment ;)

Burqa For Boys? Um, Not Exactly.

For days I've been reading about these "boy burqas" invading the UK fashion scene. And, as you probably guessed, the headline "Burqa For Boys" was merely an attempt to get me to read further (which obviously worked).

More like a men's hoodie, these jackets cover up the head and face and leaves two 'goggle-slots' to see through. Borrowed from Italian couture, these jackets have become the latest in-thing to hit the fashion streets in the UK. Not a new concept, they were created in the 1980s in homage to the protective gear worn by drivers in the Mille Miglia, the endurance race which started in the 1920s. It's only been recently, however, that they've started to pop up in large numbers.

Now, let's be fair. A burqa is a floor-length, hotter-than-hell, "modesty" garmet that women are (for the most part) forced to wear. In contrast, these "boy burqas" are really just wrap-around hoodies (more storm trooper than oppressive garment). So, enough with the boy burqa already. I want to hear more about men's undergarments.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fashion Postess With the Mostess

Part Audrey Hepburn, part Go-Go's, and part Minnie Mouse, postlapsaria.com has everthing an urban fashionista could ever want in a wardrobe (and then some).

Postlapsaria, the brainchild of Keiko Lynn, features designs from 11 budding (sometimes quirky) model-esque designers and artists, each with a unique take on girly-chic. Looking for something fun and functional? Check out the stretchy green and white, long sleeved top with a mock turtle/collar combo and giant, fabric covered buttons ($70). Or maybe you want something feminine and flirty? Then the stretchy baby blue and white cotton interlock top with a white, ruffle trimmed yoke, low back and fabric covered buttons ($65) should do the trick

While you're there, be sure to check out the "Ask Drew Lindo" section. He's no Dr. Phil (he actually has hair!) and his advice leaves much to be desired. But his heart is in the right place. (And it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes!)

From Russia With Love

If Andre from VH1's America's Most Smartest Model has you believing that nothing good in fashion can come from Russia, perhaps I can sway your opinion. A favorite "folk fetish" of mine has been (and will always be) Russian nesting dolls. When Juicy Couture gave the fashion world a taste of matryoshka style last year with their Russian nesting doll necklace, they rekindled my Russian doll flame, and there's no sign of it going out.

For you after-dark fashionistas, get cozy in a pair of Bed Head's cotton sateen Russian Doll pajamas ($122) at hipundies.com. Unlike granny pj's, this fitted number has a mandarin collar and girly cut so you can look feminine while still being comfortable. Or, maybe daytime is more your style. In that case, check out the Matryoshka 3/4 sleeve raglan tee($19.95) from zazzle.com. It packs just enough girl power without being overly cutsie, so your man won't roll his eyes every time you wear it. And, for those of you who can't totally commit, then a simple pair of Russian doll stud earrings ($15) from snazzygirl.com should do the trick.

Of course, you can always count on one-of-kind matryoshka finds (like the"Hello Comrade" handbag at etsy.com). Just don't go crazy getting your "Russian doll on." Because if there's one thing I've learned from watching self-proclaimed supermodel Andre, it's this: Nobody likes a person who's always putting their love of all things Russian in your face.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

"It Girl" Alert: Get Your White Fur Fix!

Got $42,000 to drop on a Dolce & Gabbana white fur coat? I didn't think so. But apparently you need one if you want to be this season's "it girl."

For those of us living in the real world (sorry, Kate!) but still want to stay in step with the trends, it's all about the faux white fur coat. It's cheaper, animals don't die, and you can dump it when it's not cool anymore. (If only we could do that with the men in our lives!)

For you floor-length fashionistas, metrostyle.com has a white faux fur coat($129) that will knock the other snow bunnies dead. (No, not real snow bunnies. I mean the ones you hang with on the weekends!) Or, if you like 'em short and sweet, check out the 3/4 sleeve to-die-for Ava white faux fur coat (£50.00) at monsoon.co.uk. And, for those of you who want something with a little more attitude, check out the B.B. Jeans Faux Fur Hooded Pom Pom Jacket ($47) at overstock.com.

And while you're at it, pick one up for your favorite four-legged friend, like the Snow White fur coat ($37.95) at glamourdog.com. Not only will it keep your pooch warm and cozy, she'll also be the first "it dog" on the block!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Make It a "Haute Pink" Christmas

Since I was a little girl, I fantasized about a girly pink Christmas tree. And now that I'm older, I fantasize about cute guys sitting at bus stops. (Wait, where am I going with this.) Ahhh, yes. Pink Christmas trees!

http://www.sohodecor.com/ takes "going girly" one step further with a hot pinkthemed Christmas tree (sure to make any man in your life run the opposite direction screaming, "My eyes! My eyes!") From felt handbags and party dresses to stilettos and pink martini glasses, this tree leaves no fashion stone unturned (unless you were hoping for a Miss Jay ornament, in which case you're out of luck!)
Now, if you've already purchased your tree and ornaments or just can't muster up the courage to subject your significant other to a painfully feminine holiday, might I suggest a stylish pink Christmas tree wallpaper for your computer? It's not exactly the same as a hot pink tree, but it won't land you on Santa's naughty list either. (Make that your man's naughty list, which is worse!)

Go "Girly Couture" for Chanukah

Hey, Jewish fashionistas! Who needs Hello Kitty when you've got Shalom Kitty? That's right! You will will go ga-ga (or oy oy!) when you feast your eyes on these girly tees.

Kosher Kafe has outdone themselves with some adorable new (and down right sassy!) designs for hip Jewish chicks. Dining out with friends? Maybe you'll opt for "Jewcy Couture" or "Jewy Vuitton." Or perhaps you just want to have some fun with your look? Then, "Ooey Jewy Goodness" or "Joanie Loves Tchotchke" might get a good laugh or two. (I could spend an hour listing all the great designs, but I would probably break a nail and my manicure isn't due for another four days.)

For you shiksas that forgot Chanukah came early this year, there are still six days left. So, if you're quick you might still have time to pick one up for your Jewish BFF. Otherwise, there's always her birthday!

Getting Carded Is Fashionable Again!

As long as gift cards have been in circulation, I have despised getting them from BFF's--not just because they feel so "oh-crap-I-forgot-to-get-you-something-ish," but because they lack the personal touch. (Maybe it's an ego thing, but I want to feel "thought about" when I get a gift). But with all of the fab new personalized gift card options, I might have to rethink my position!

For your caffeine-addicted friend, Starbucks lets you create his/her favorite drink (mine is a double tall soy latte!) on your favorite background. Or, you can create a cartoon look-a-like of your friend in different locations like the beach, the mountains or even having coffee at a Starbucks. (Duh!) I created a shopping diva in downtown Manhattan with pink hair, a tiara and shopping bags (no joke!) to give to myself ;)

For your friend with a sweet tooth, Dunkin Donuts lets you upload a personal picture to create a one-of-a-kind card your friend will never forget (especially if you upload that picture of her from your best friend's wedding--you know the one I'm talking about!)

And, for your friend who has everything or just loves to shop (who doesn't?) you can create a personalized VISA card at http://www.giftcardlabs.com/ by uploading your own artwork, favorite picture, or choosing one of their styles like a stiletto heel, a lipstick kiss mark, or a bottle of red nail polish. The hardest part will be deciding which one to get!

Need a Last Minute Date For the Christmas Party?

From one-girl-about-town to another, romance usually takes a back seat to the million other things going on in our lives. But, if you're feeling adventurous, or just like checking out new coffee spots,http://www.crazyblinddate.com may be just what the love doctor ordered.

At the drop of a hat, they will set you up on quick dates with total strangers at public places. You're not allowed to see their picture or even communicate. You just need to show up and hope for the best!
Now, you run the risk of meeting a creep-a-zoid, or a total loser who just wanted to get out of his mother's basement for the day, so I would definitely only recommend double-dating it with a friend. Then, if you decide that he/she isn't exactly what the love doctor ordered, you can skip out with your BFF and go to the mall to buy that handbag you've had your eye on. (Retail therapy does wonders for a bad blind date!)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Peace, Love and Suede

I must admit, I've never been the biggest fan of Ugg-style boots, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw these! The Suede Flat Bird Patch boots fromhttp://www.amiclubwear.com/ will make you look stylish while you're slogging through the snow. And better yet, they'll do it for less than $21 bucks. (That's right, a meer $21!)

Of course, if you want the "real thing" and can afford a pair of Koolaburra's for $500, I say go for it! (You only live once, right?) But, if you just want to look fab until the next trend hits the shelves, I would grab a pair of these and stash the the other $480 for a spa day or weekend out with friends.

P.S. For those of you looking to spice up your holiday, check out the pink Satin Miss Santa Hooded Robe ($47.99) from amiclubwear.com. It's so sweet, Santa might skip the milk and cookies this year and head straight for your closet!

Chunky Newsboy Anyone?

Leave it to http://www.fredflare.com/ to make chunky the new skinny! (Whatever that means.)

Their Grey Chunky Knit Newsboy hat ($22) will make you wish you had a newspaper delivery route just to show it off! This chunky knit acrylic cap with thick grey cable knit stitching won't just get you noticed--you'll be the envy of everyone standing in downtown Manhattan waiting for a cab (and freezing their heads off!) or waiting in line at the club when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

Of course, every great hat needs an equally great outfit to go with it. So, make sure you fetch the Grey Knit Sweater Mini Dress ($88) while you're there. (And for you snowbunnies, a pair of black tights or leggings!) Oh, and pick something up for me. I was good this year ;)

A Treat For Your Tootsies

If you're a high-heel junkie like me, you'll appreciate this one-of-a-kind foot find! The Foot Petals Stiletto Kit ($49.95) at http://www.spoonsisters.com/ contains everything a stylish girl-about-town needs needs to feel like she's walking on air in her Manolo Blahniks.

And if you think your feet aren't worth a $50 treat , think again! This shoe-fetishista survival kit contains Tip Toes (to prevent toe strain), Heavenly Heelz(to prevent "heels from hell"), Strappy Strips (to prevent ankle strap strain) ,Killer Kushionz (for extra padding where it counts), and Sole Stopperz (to preserve the soles of your new shoes).

And, the kit just wouldn't be complete without the oh-so-stylish pink and blackPetal Pouch shoe bag to store your favorite stilettos while you're travelling. (Now if they would just make a comfort kit for skinny jeans, the world would be a better place.)