Friday, December 7, 2007

Make It a "Haute Pink" Christmas

Since I was a little girl, I fantasized about a girly pink Christmas tree. And now that I'm older, I fantasize about cute guys sitting at bus stops. (Wait, where am I going with this.) Ahhh, yes. Pink Christmas trees! takes "going girly" one step further with a hot pinkthemed Christmas tree (sure to make any man in your life run the opposite direction screaming, "My eyes! My eyes!") From felt handbags and party dresses to stilettos and pink martini glasses, this tree leaves no fashion stone unturned (unless you were hoping for a Miss Jay ornament, in which case you're out of luck!)
Now, if you've already purchased your tree and ornaments or just can't muster up the courage to subject your significant other to a painfully feminine holiday, might I suggest a stylish pink Christmas tree wallpaper for your computer? It's not exactly the same as a hot pink tree, but it won't land you on Santa's naughty list either. (Make that your man's naughty list, which is worse!)

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