Friday, December 7, 2007

Go "Girly Couture" for Chanukah

Hey, Jewish fashionistas! Who needs Hello Kitty when you've got Shalom Kitty? That's right! You will will go ga-ga (or oy oy!) when you feast your eyes on these girly tees.

Kosher Kafe has outdone themselves with some adorable new (and down right sassy!) designs for hip Jewish chicks. Dining out with friends? Maybe you'll opt for "Jewcy Couture" or "Jewy Vuitton." Or perhaps you just want to have some fun with your look? Then, "Ooey Jewy Goodness" or "Joanie Loves Tchotchke" might get a good laugh or two. (I could spend an hour listing all the great designs, but I would probably break a nail and my manicure isn't due for another four days.)

For you shiksas that forgot Chanukah came early this year, there are still six days left. So, if you're quick you might still have time to pick one up for your Jewish BFF. Otherwise, there's always her birthday!

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